Divine Tio

Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes. In other words, life is too short to be boring, period.

I'm a little conservative with my outfits, as you can see in my previous posts. However, I have always admired the sexy type of looks. Not only is it attention grabbing, it's also pretty bad ass. You can't help but wanna be a bad ass chick ;)

*Note- outfit alone not very effective when being a bad ass. Personality and attitude also needed.

Showing off my almost-there-abs, I'm wearing a sexy, casual get-up. Wearing this around, I was a bit bashful, but I had that daring, IDGAF attitude that kept me walking. It felt good.

So, how dare you?

Divine Tio

What dares you? Is it the big, beautiful, blue ocean and being able to swim in it? Or, that mechanical bull and conquering it? Or, that calculus test and acing it? Or, is it your family/loved ones and making them proud? Or, is it just for yourself and to live life fully?

Whatever it may be, don't be afraid to do it. I dare you! ^_^

Divine Tio

~ Brandy Melville ripped jeans ~ Forever 21 crop top ~ Nine West sandals ~ Kate Spade sunglass ~