Finally cut my hair after contemplating and pondering over it for six months. Ahh! Feels good! Perfect for this hot a** weather. And only now I get to write about this big change because of all the moving into my new apartment.

I got a long bob haircut! I've always wanted to try the bob hairstyle, but I was afraid of the short length and how it would look on my round face. Hence, the long bob. It's not too short, it's not too long, it's just right. I've seen this hairstyle on a lot of celebrities and some of my favorite fashion bloggers. One who really inspired me was Olivia Lazuardy. She totally owned this look. It's sophisticated, classy, and stylish in which I hope to portray :P

I made a trip over to the Black Cat Salon near my current place in Kaimuki. Their open sign says "Sorry, we're open", and the closed sign says "You blew it! We're closed" Lol. Ok. That caught my immediate attention. The salon is clean, it's not overwhelmed by smell of hair products (or hair burning), had a cozy feel to it, and their staff was accommodating. Once you walk in, not only does the receptionist greet you, but all the stylists and employees do as well. All eyes are on you when you come through their shiny, sparkly glass doors. You're also offered water, hot tea, or iced tea while waiting for your stylist. What I really liked about the salon was the interior decor. The salon looks like an industrial/rustic loft. Look it up. It's quite the awesome.

The stylist that took care of me was Amber. She was spunky, but really friendly, and she knew what she was doing. I told her the style that I wanted and she just snipped away. Usually, I would have to show a picture of what I want done, but she just went for it all on her own. It worried me a little, but it was all good. Phew! After seeing the final result, I wanted my hair shorter, but she advised against it because of the aftereffect. About 10 inches was cut off. But we'll see how i feel in a week or two kekeke.

With my current schedule, being so busy, I sometimes forget that I chopped my hair off. I'm reminded when someone compliments on it or when I look in the mirror. Like "Oh shoot! That's right. My hair's gone" kekeke.



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