Divine Tio

Green tea is good, to be exact.

It's been almost a year since I've been drinking Ito En's Oi Ocha green tea and it's been wondrous. It has no sugar, no calories, and 100% recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C per 17 fl oz. I usually drink up to 24 fl oz every time at work because I need it :P

I started drinking green tea to help improve my skin/face that just kept constantly breaking out. These pimples were huge and felt like bruises. At one point, the whole solar system was forming on my chin. Ugh! There was no stopping it. Luckily, the Ito En brand was recommended to me and I loved it ever since.

Not only did green tea clear my skin but it gave me energy. Drinking it at work a few times made me realize it was keeping me awake. This was a good thing, a great thing, because my usual morning drink was McDonalds' Caramel Frappé. The frappé tasted soo good but it was soo bad. It's basically a sugar drink that kept me up for a few hours, then made me dizzy for the rest of the day. I couldn't get away from it because it was soo tasty. That effect is similar from most coffee drinks. You may need to drink a little bit more of the green tea than you would coffee, but it's still so much better for you. Green tea > coffee.

As you can see in my images, Nestlé's Kit Kat green tea chocolates are also present. Kekeke. That's my breakfast at work. Since the green tea drink is slightly bitter, the chocolate balances it out. Plus, it's just so delicious. Green tea everything!

Bottom line, green tea is good. I personally like the Ito En brand because it does help my body, it's not too bitter, and it's Japan's #1 green tea brand. You see a lot of the Japanese tourists here in Hawai'i carrying, not water, but the Ito En green tea. You know it's good when the Japanese like it. My facial toner is also green tea based. LOL! Green tea everything! 

Divine Tio